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Hello and Happy New Year [Jan. 13th, 2008|01:32 pm]
Sometimes I like to swing by and remind people that I am over here: www.meli-mello.com. Also, seeing as it is a new year I have updated my 31  in 31 list and started my 32 in 32 list - however, being 6 months pregnant means that this years list is, by necessity, A LOT different than previous years. 
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The 31 in 31 list [Jan. 1st, 2008|01:14 pm]

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Friendly reminder [Aug. 7th, 2007|11:35 am]
Just another friendly reminder that I am over here now: www.meli-mello.com.
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Dropping Knowledge [Jul. 26th, 2007|01:07 pm]
Something is up with my personal site. It seems to only be working in Mozilla (after months of it NOT working in Mozilla). If you get a chance to swing over there can you tell me what you see because I am trying to fix it.

I thought I would also mention that we have a really interesting video up at Quantum Shift TV. You can read my blog entry about it here which will also link you to the video. I'm curious as to how many people had heard about it before today. Sometimes I am embarrasingly out of the loop.
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Since Harry [Jul. 22nd, 2007|03:22 pm]
blue_lotus mentioned the website Since Harry in one of her posts which got me thinking. You can read my Since Harry essay on the site or on my own site: here.
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2007|11:02 am]
Still working on getting the new site looking good but still reading all my favourite LJ blogs. I'm over here: www.meli-mello.com.
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Help! [Jul. 3rd, 2007|04:43 pm]
I'm just going to keep reminding people that I have moved over here: www.meli-mello.com.

So this is where I need help: I am hoping to use my new position as host of a daily news program to promote independent & sustainable designers. I don't have the funds for this yet (I have to buy my own stuff) but I think it is important that what I wear reflects the company beliefs - and mine as well. Plus, I'm going to be watched by a lot of students come fall and I want to show them that you don't have to spend money on labels or clothing made by exploited children to look good. So any recommendations of your favourite indie or sustainable (or both) designers will be more than welcome. I have my favourites but I know there are LOTS more out there. This is a good chance for people to get their stuff seen so I'm hoping I can make a deal (to benefit everyone) with some of them. For now I'm going to make sure if I buy anything it is second-hand (which I do 80% of the time anyway) or is made in a sustainable way.

Also, if you have any friends who are unsigned musicians, especially friends who have some sort of cause they support, we are probably going to start doing a podcast and will need music for it.

So busy!
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I have a new home [Jul. 1st, 2007|12:14 pm]
Well, I did it! Or, should I say, my friend Jocelyn did it - set up my website so that it actually works!

You can now find me at my new home: www.meli-mello.com. I suspect I will still be skulking around here sometimes though to remind people where I am and to keep up with everyone at LJ. Don't be strangers!
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Summer yoga challenge - take two! [Jun. 24th, 2007|08:16 pm]

So.... after quiting all exercize last year after I caught my toe on a door (I still think the tetanus shot made things worse) I'm trying again this summer. Another year has gone by and I am softer than ever. This time I am going to try even harder to achieve what has been alluding me for years - muscle tone!

This summer I am doing Ashtanga Yoga (last year it was Iyanger) and I like the idea of learning to do yoga that doesn't require all the "stuff" that comes with Iyanger. Ideally I would like to learn it well enough and live somewhere with enough floor space that I can actually do it at home. But for now I have a $220 pass to work off in the next three months so... since getting the most out of my money is a big motivator for me let's start the breakdown:

Class One: $220/class
Class Two: $110/class

Other "It's nice out and I can't hide under big sweaters anymore" resolutions: I bought a pass to the gym at my old school - $150 for alumni, probably the best deal in town - and I'm going to start swimming and doing weights.

If nothing else, it gives me something to write about...
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Quick update [Jun. 17th, 2007|08:46 pm]
The countdown to only having one job has begun. I will be happy not to be working so much even though my new job is definitely not just-a-job job and more like a huge part of my life. Still - Must learn to Balance!

I've spent a large part of this weekend working: working on the site, trying to get a series of blog outlines done since I will be trying to blog on the site at least every second day until I'm full time and then every. single. day. You can see the most recent blog entry if you click: here. I'm also working on the big, exciting secret project that may or may not happen. Will keep you posted.
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